Friday, July 17, 2009

My Sweet, Selfless Brother

I have so many things I could say right now, but this would end up being the longest blog post known to man, as I'd back waaaay up to when we were kids. I'd tell you how mean and terrible of a big sister I was. How I feel guilty for this every time I think about it. {Honestly.} My little brother has always been a sensitive kind of guy who does wonderful things for others. He has continued this as he has grown into a man. He's genuine, kind and loving. He puts others before himself and aims to please; the adjectives could go on and on. He has spent countless hours here helping Josh work on the attic, just so BGM can have her room ready before she arrives. He does so without complaint. Without requiring much more than a jug of water while he works. Taking time away from his wife and dog to be here. He joins me for lunch when I need a date, then generously picks up the tab despite the invitation being mine. All of this for a sister who has done little to deserve it and may never be able to repay it.


Last week he announced that he had bought this:

for BGM. (Remember I talked about it here and here.)

He explained to us that he just wanted her to have it!!
This is what I mean about him. There are so many reasons he should not have done this. But he did.
This Baby Girl is loved beyond what she knows.
Thank you, Uncle Brett. We all love you very much and can't wait for BGM to meet you.....


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Oh Brettski! He always was the best! He was a great kid when we were growing up and I am so happy to hear the he has carried that through to adulthood! It is very special that you two are so close and I hope (as a mother) that my children carry their special bond through adulthood too. There is nothing like family! Congrats on the surprise too!!! Having such wonderful people in her life, your little one is going to be one of the luckiest girls in the world, as is her mother!

Anonymous said...

He is a great person/friend/husband/brother/son...I could go on and on... That's why I married him! :)

brittany price said...

How nice of him! and its so pretty! Just my style!