Saturday, July 11, 2009

Office Inspiration

As you know our office is moving to the attic.

My mind has been reeling with ideas as to what I'd like to do.

These photographs are the closest I can come to sharing some of my thoughts with you. They're from Better Homes and

I'm not necessarily using them for inspiration, so this title is slightly misleading. I'm already inspired by random things I've come up with in my head. I just struggle to explain them to others.

This is simply an attempt to share the general idea. Now where can I find those amazing file cabinets up there????? Love those and desperately need them. Anybody know??

A table, for a desk is a must. I could kick myself because I spotted the perfect table on craigslist one day. I came home and pondered it. Then I went back on there for it and it was nowhere to be found. Ugghhh!

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