Friday, July 3, 2009

Not Your Average Bouncey Seat

Our girl is a 'kicker', there's no doubt about it. She has strong legs already, but this little device can make them even stronger. As I said before, she's destined to have a case of the thunder-thighs based on her parents and what we've seen in the ultrasounds. We figure we might as well capitalize on them.

I received an email to check out this bouncey seat. This is definitely not your every day bouncer. This bad boy glides. It's called the Kickin' Coaster and the seat literally moves up and down as your child pushes off the bottom. Don't fret, it still has your usual lights, sound, visuals and vibration. It's just that I've never seen one that glides like this. You can also lock it into place when you don't want the gliding to go on. It has multiple positions, as well. Like 8 of them. That's definitely not a feature all bouncers have.

It is the same price as the one we registered for; maybe I should reconsider. I don't care for the color/look of the thing, but I think our girl will LOVE it! The one I'm registered for now is the Graco Sooth and Swaddle. I liked the idea of the built in blanket to swaddle her early on when she may need more soothing. Then again, if I want to swaddle her I could just use one of her swaddle blankets and then put her in it.

These are the things I spend hours figuring out these days!!!!!!!! switch or not to switch?! What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

switch, this thing is cool, me and u didnt have these options growing up, definitelygive her the newest things!

Lil Bro

Vicki said...

I like it! Now watch her NEVER kick in the damned thing. My guys loved the strangest things and ignored the fancy stuff. You can never tell what will be a hit. Vicki

Shop with Me Mama said...

I really like that! Go for it, make the switch! :)