Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Changing The World...One Yard Of Burlap At A Time!

Attentions ALL packrats, family, friends and those who just want to be part of our day!!! I am collecting coffee sleeves. You know, the ones that you get with your to-go coffees. If you'd like to donate to a good cause please save yours for me. I need 150 of them!

When I heard how much it was to rent candle holders for our reception, I flat out refused it! I won't tell you how much that is because I don't care to be the source of massive strokes and severe heart attacks all across blogland, but it's RIDICULOUS!! And you have NOTHING to show for your money in the end, as the key word here is "RENT"! Forget it!

As I mentioned yesterday, my Mom is always looking out for me. Last summer she picked up six bushel baskets of telephone insulators for me at a yard sale for $20. (You all know how I love my junk!) I was very excited about it, but had no idea what I was going to do with so many insulators. There were literally hundreds of them sitting in our driveway waiting to be used in a project. Until now I was fresh out insulator ideas. But then my candle holder problem appeared and I remembered a project I had seen via Ki and Sue from Junk Market. It is just the thing for my candle holders. And I can do it all for hundreds of dollars less than what I would have paid to rent the cheesey ones at the country club! Oh yeah, and what would a wedding project be without a little burlap? Check it out...

I started out with an insulator and a coffee sleeve. I can't forget to send a big shout out to Nicky, my junquin buddy, for my first stack of sleeves. Thanks, Nicky! You're the best!!

I simply opened a sleeve and placed the insulator upside down inside the sleeve. It's a perfectly snug fit. I love when things can be perfect, don't you?

As you can see, the insulators are hollow on the inside. This makes for a cozy little spot to put, what else, a candle of course!

Then there was the decision of whether to fill them with a votive...

...or a tea light. This has yet to be determined, though I am open to your thoughts!!

Next, I got out my trusty "22 calibur, double barreled, sawed off, glue gun". Armed and dangerous, I went to town gluing my burlap to the sleeve and trimming it off as I went. What would I do without burlap and a glue gun??

I tied on a ribbon and, of course, a button and ta-dahhh!!! We've got instant candle holders for about $50. This here folks, works out to be, approximately 33 cents per candle holder. That is several dollars less than those crazy country clubbers were trying to get out of me! Let me know what you think of them.


Mom of 1 + 2 said...

LOVE the candleholders! I am so NOT crafty that I am truly amazed by those who are! If you are looking for opinions...I like the votive more than the tealight. I think you may get more burning hours out of the votives too.

Vicki said...

Great idea. I have a couple of blue insulators. I think I see candle holders in their future. I vote for tea lights. Isn't wedding planning fun?I loved every minute of it...especially when you pick a really good groom!!!! Vicki at

Katie said...

Those look beautiful! I am a sucker for burlap, and I love old glass insulators! PERFECT!

"...trusty, 22 calibur, double barrelled, sawed off glue gun..." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

V. said...

I might be late on the comment, but go with tea lights...the wicks may fall out of the bottom of the votives into the bottom of the insulator....that would drown out your beautiful flickering lights!