Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My Mom has been enlisted to make these silverware pockets for the wedding. I stole the idea from Country Living, so I won't even begin to try and take credit. Though, I wish I had thought of it first!
We are having a buffet at the wedding and I can't stand the way the silverware sits in a basket at the beginning of a buffet line. All those hands dipping in, touching everyone else's silverware on the way to their own (Yes...I'm just a teeny-tiny bit of a germaphobe!). Not to mention the fumbling and bobbling of the silver while you try to balance it with your dinner plate and your salad plate all at the same time. I just won't have that!! Sooo....it is for these reasons that each place setting at the wedding will have one of these cute little burlap pockets holding the silver tight while it waits to meet it's match. All courtesy of my Mom. Isn't she the best!!

I will not, however, allow her to take any responsibility for that button in the picture that was sewn on totally off center and too far to the right on the flap of the pocket. That was ALL me!!! I'm great with the ideas just not so much with the execution! Trying counts for something, doesn't it?!

This probably seems like an odd choice of project to begin with, but I think it's going to take some serious time to make hundreds of these, soo....a head start is necessary. Then again, is there such a thing as a head start, when the big day is only 167 days away? That number is courtesy of Sue. Thanks Sue!!!


Nicky C. said...

She is the best alright!

Think her services will be available 4 hire after the wedding ;-)

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Love this! Your wedding is going to be so classy!

teresa said...

Hi Sondra,
I have an idea for you, I ran across your blog, not sure how I got here you know how it goes! One great inspirational blog leads to another! Since it looks as if you are using burlap in several places, a very inexpenseive and cute piece of burlap is chair webbing, like what goes under the cushion of the old chair. It is very inexpensive and would already be cut with a finished edge to it, it would be great for your silverware pockets. I think you can find it at most fabric and hobby stores. Just a thought. Happy Wedding! Teresa