Thursday, April 17, 2008

Needing...again...or is it wanting?

...probably more like wanting. Why would I NEED these?

Wait...I am a teacher. That would be a reason, right?! But I want these for home - not work!

Tomorrow I am taking my 50% off Joanns coupon - to Michaels and scooping up a package of these babies!!!- I'm not partial, they both have their pros and cons - but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get her 50% off.

I've gone mad!
Look what I bought, at none other than "Wally's", while we were there for groceries. Terrible!! But for $13 I couldn't help it. Josh thinks I'm crazy buying any type of clothing there. But I'm shameless (reminds me of a must all know the one I'm thinking of...but I can't remember what the name of it it.)!! Unfortunately, my chubby legs will beg to be covered when I actually dare to wear the thing.

Another grocery shopping trip, at "Weggies", found me coming home with these:

I think they were a steal for just under $4 a box and since Josh buys groceries, they were really a treat from him!!


Jeanette said...

Oh my heck, I LOVE those eggs! I am jealous.

And I love the dress from the dreaded W too. I think its darling and I think you will look darling in it.

And yeah, I am a teacher and I LOVE those cards! They are from Michaels? Seriously? I need some; I could staple them to the wall and make a border around my craft room. Sooooooo cute! I may have to head off to Michaels today. What section are they in?

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma =0(Alzheimer’s is such a hard disease; you lose your loved one long before you lose them, and the disease often makes them angry and cruel. I don't think it was as hard for me as I never really knew Aunt Libby before Alzheimer’s, but it was devastating for my husband. She raised him and the last time he went to see her was the first time she forgot who he was. He never went back after that until her 100th birthday nearly 15 years later. We were very blessed to find an excellent care facility for her; they loved her there and took very good care of her. I never worried about her safety or well being in their care and that is always a blessing because many care facilities aren't like that.

Anonymous said...
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Stefani said...

I love the pastel eggs from Wegmans! I've seen them making up a wreath and other things I think, but not in boxes like this. Adorable!

(I emailed you this morning - but I'll ask here too - did you receive my info about Sharon? I didn't want you to think I didn't answer you. I know you didn't get my first reply but I sent it again.)

Have a great weekend!