Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I made this cool (or at least I think so) Paris plate today. I think I'll put it on ETSY, as my shop is empty right now, unless someone comments that they want it before I can list it.

I wasted most of the afternoon searching and searching and searching and searching and searching blogs because I know I saw a tutorial somewhere on how to rubber stamp a plate. No, I'm not a fool! I know that you put the stamp in ink and press it on the plate. do you seal it up? That is the part I want to be sure I get right? I plan to go out on Friday and investigate sealers for ceramic and porcelain. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl, though; so the waiting will drive me mad! It's terrible how I get stuck on things and can't let them go!! I once bought a necklace and before I could even wear it, it became tangled in a terrible knot. I put it by my bed and would work on it at night before going to sleep. A year later (maybe more!!), I got that knot out. Josh's mother now thinks I'm crazy for not giving up or returning it, but I don't mind. Persistence is a good trait to have, right...most of the time anyway. Except, of course, when you spend 3 hours looking for something you "think" you saw on who knows who's blog!! That's why I need your help. If any of you have a suggestion for me or know where I may have seen this, please send me the link or info. It will eat me up until I figure it out!

I also made these two necklaces. They are for the Pay It Forward that I entered. One is for Lindsay and the other is for Lindsey! (Don't worry Nancy, I didn't forget you!) Ladies, I know you may have preferred a surprise, but I want to be sure you'll wear these so I thought I would give you a choice of which one you'd prefer. One has a ribbon chain and the other a silver chain. Don't worry...I have more of both and they can easily be changed out to your preference. If you don't think you'll wear the necklace at all...still not a problem...I'll put it in the ETSY shop and send you one of these instead! (I definitely borrowed this idea, but mine are different than all that I've seen - for many reasons.)They were just too cute not to make a few of. I've seen the idea several times before in different variations. We even made them one year with our kindergarteners for Mother's Day!

They are filled with soil, grass seeds and a variety of spring flower seeds. I don't really intend to put any of these in the shop because someone else already sells them on ETSY. But, as I said before, these are a bit different and if you are interested in getting your hands on one, do let me know.

I put together a couple of memory frames for my Aunt. The pieces to these have been lying in my work room for months just waiting to be tended to and finally...

It was a gorgeous day, so not only did I have lots of energy to get things done, but I also was able to take most of these pictures in decent lighting. Thank God!!

Since it was so nice, we met Nicky and Lucy (Danny's girlfriend) at the park after dinner for some Chuck-It. They had a ball playing. Well, Lucy had a ball...both balls really. Don't you just love her new collar?? Danny just rolled in the mud and came up looking like a wet duck. Gotta love him!


Nicky C. said...

sondra - have you thought about decoupage?! i mean... sounds so simple, right?

i recall a project from ages ago that sealed a plate with it. it's what made me pick up a 50 cent platter to put LUCY's name on it above her dog dishes. (...that proj never left the basement)

then i read the new country home mag last night and it had a project that sealed paper on a plate with it. so maybe?!

as you know - i have PLENTY of plates to test it out with later today... i'll let ya know how it goes.

ps - lucy HEARTS danny. pass it on.

emily said...

cute projects!! Love the necklaces. Sorry I do not have a solution to the plates, I would love to know what really works!

Sher said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you come again soon! Who knows what name the computer genius of Random Choice will select for my April Giftaway! LOL! I, too, love your projects! I have several of those little cans and you've just given me some ideas for them!

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Hey Sondrico! I love the necklace! I would prefer the chain with the L and I was wondering if I could put in an order for a W on a ribbon for my house. They are adorable!! Thanks!

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I love my necklaces!!!!!!! I was also wondering if you are interested in creating a couple more for me! Right now, I know that I want one with an E on it. I was also considering one with an S and a J for my mom and mother in law for Mother's Day! Let me know the price for shipping and the necklace! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Hey Son,
astate10 is Danielle, could you whip me up a D necklace too? I am racking up quite a bill with you!:) Thanks!!


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Okay okay, I need to place another order!:) My friends Trish would also like a necklace with a T. Can you keep track of all these orders? I wore my necklace for the first time today so will let you know if I rack up anymore orders for you!:)