Monday, October 8, 2007

Ask And You Shall Receive!

Recently I posted about my free umbrella canister full of wallpaper and fabric. Sarah from Misadventures of Mama and Jack asked if I would share a picture of the wallpaper that came in the canister. So here it is! I aim to please... If anyone is interested in it I would love to send it off to a good home so let me know. I'll trade, I'll sell, who knows...I'm a sucker!
Be sure to check out Sarah's blog. It's absolutely fabulous!!

Simple plaid print. Lite blue, reddish and cream.

I think the baseball paper is meant to be an accent to the plaid???? Both are perfect for one accent wall in young boy's room. Or, hey, maybe you could wallpaper the treehouse???!

There is a bit of border that goes with the baseball and plaid prints.

This is a sort of pastely plaid print - 1 full roll. Vintagey looking...

And then there was the blue on white ribbons and bows... Almost 1 full roll. Lots of it!


Sarah and Jack said...

Ah, I see, the plaid print is baseball bats and balls. Clever.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Very cool vintage wallpaper!