Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So I'm Not A Painter

In attempt to give a very personal gift to the wonderful teacher, Estelle, that I worked with for my practicum over the summer; I came up with the not-so-clever idea to paint a piece of pottery for her. Now don't you worry...I've done this before - like three times. But who knew that I would get worse with each piece? I guess the overall painting isn't too bad for someone who HATES and I mean HATES painting. Well...then again...yeah it is! This is not good for my ego I tell ya. Oh well it's the thought that counts, right? Come on guys, RIGHT?? In my own defense, I was using a paint pen that was less than useful to try and write out the words "The Colon Family". "Less than useful" is what I like to call things that don't seem to do the job I thought they should, even though I skipped reading the directions! I am not a direction reader and then see what happens...I ruin a perfectly good $30 piece of pottery! You see the pen clearly stated to use after the pottery has been fired - NOT BEFORE! Do you think I learned a lesson? Hell no! I'm a teacher and I still think reading directions is a waste of time...in most cases!

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