Monday, October 29, 2007

Look Out...I've Got A Camera and I'm Not Afraid To Use It!!

Here are just a few of the things I've been promising to share (you know, when I got a new camera). My co-favorite aunt...Stacy....lent me her camera for a few days. I was once lost, but now I'M FOUND!! Yippee - I have a camera and Kodak emailed me today to say that the new one shipped today. Things are lookin' up!
Before: black (well half black - sorry guys - I always forget the stinkin' before photos!) record stand from an estate sale last month for $3.00. Red seems to cheer it up a bit, especially against that DARK green that I desperately want to turn YELLOW.
After: record stand painted red, anxiously awaiting my next trip to Belfast, in order to stock it's shelves (or dividers if you will!)
Free prayer children, angel and doves from Craigslist (very thick particle board material)
Free divided box...c/o Grandma. Love you Gram!!! Maybe perfect for silverware and napkins. Any other ideas?
Free doll crib (from the same place as the prayer children) from Craigslist - LOOOOOVE:)IT!
Nope, it's not broken, it just needs to be put together and considering it's number 152 on the to-do list, that'll take a while!

Pedestal bowl from VVA = $3.00
Teapot flower arrangement added to centerpiece. The little orange and brown gourds are foam. I got a whole box of them for $2.50 at Michael's. I decided to put a few on skewers and add them to the arrangement for some contrast. Love it (do you sense a theme here or what?!)!
Bits and pieces of the buffet table in dining room - finally decorated!
My sister!!!!!! I picked her up for just $1.00 at the VVA - brand new!
The entire buffet table (moved from the corner of the room to being centered under the windows has done it wonders!), including my new sign from the Windmill tucked away up there behind the flower arrangement ($2!!!). My fav. part, beside my sister of course, is the twiggy tree that used to be painted white. The tree previously acted as a Xmas decoration, but had seen it's last jingle bell and needed a new life. I think it's perfect!!

I will be back tomorrow fulfilling more aged promises!!!


Dona said...

Love your finds,Especially the wood box, great for entertaing, record stand love it painted red. You GO Girl.Can't wait to see more pics.

nickycunha said...

the wooden box is fun. u could put some jars in it and store *stuff*.

maybe office or craft supplies? like binder clips, staples, paper scraps, etc.

nice finds!

Kathy said...

WOW! I just had a major flashback to my childhood when I saw the prayer children. My sister and I had those exact ones hanging in our bedroom! After all these years, all I have left is the little girl ( no idea what happened to the others parts) and she's hanging in my daughter's room now.
Thanks so much for sharing them!