Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BOO...and NOT in the Halloweeny way!

I am sooooo mad at myself. I've been away from blogging because....I broke my camera yesterday. WTF - I love my camera and now the poor baby is gone - forever - I'm afraid. I wish FOREVER didn't have to be so long. Isn't it so true, "we don't know what we've got 'til its gone?!" And believe me, with me only working a couple days a week, we cannot be buying a new camera right now. This is a call out to any of you who work for SONY or are married to men who know how to repair cameras. I.NEED.YOU! Josh put an offer in on an ebay camera last night - not sure how that will work out. I'll be forever mourning Mr. Sony-Man!

There were soo many things I wanted to show you, like:

  • my Autumn wagon displays in front of our house

  • my red milk can - NEED IDEAS!

  • my buffet table - ready and decorated for Halloween

  • my AMAZING package from Hollyhocks - for no other reason than that Vicki is WONDERFUL!
  • my new record player stand

  • the flowers that are HUGE and still blooming the third week in October in my back yard

  • my first Christmas project!!! Aahhhh - there's that word agin! It is the third week in October, though, right?!

  • my sister (Stay tuned for those of you who know me and are REALLY confused!)

Josh tried to make me feel better by bringing home his camera from work, and he did...because I love knowing he wants to make things better. I love you honey! But...the work camera blows. It is AWFUL. The WORST! (OK OK ENOUGH, Sondra.) All I wanted to do was take a picture of the broken camera, with the work camera and even with a little help from a friend (or a very patient boyfriend insisting on making things BETTER!) it came out horribly!

So I have decided to share with you some old goodies that I have been meaning to get up and running in the ETSY shop. If you are interested in any of these or want to special order, please leave me a comment or email me. All items go to the first person to contact me.

Magnets - $1 per letter:


emily said...

I know how it is to have a broken camera! I dropped like 2 of mine and they broke! Good luck on the auction for a new one! Are you looking at another Sony?

Love the magnets! Can't wait to see your fall decorating!

Stephanie said...

I am SO sorry about your camera. Oh, that sucks. I would feel the same way. I hope soon we can see everything on your list.

Will you email me your address when you've got a minute? :) Thanks!

stephaniekg @ yahoo . com

Amy said...

Oh....I was ILL when I broke my camera! I liked it...but after it was gone I LOVED it. Didn't realize how good it was! I wanted to go digital SLR...but alas....wasn't in our cards either. Why do we have to have those pesky jobs when we want to buy fun stuff?