Sunday, October 28, 2007

New ETSY Gift Tags

I added some new gift tags to ETSY today. Getting ready for the holidays!! Yeah right, I say that, but I'll still be buying gifts 'til January... Anyway, I know it's a bit delayed on the Halloween tags, but I figured I'd throw them in anyway. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is buying something after the holiday and packing it up with the decor., then when I open my rubbermaid bin next year it's a surprise package that I had forgotten allll about! Love it! There is one set of Thanksgiving tags that would be perfect for place settings at the dinner table (oops with a copyright in the corner, OF COURSE I GOT PERMISSION - better photoshop that though, that's serious business!). They are very sweet. There are several Christmas tags and one set already sold - so act fast!

I'm going to add my leftover banners at a discount later this week, as well as my necklaces. So be sure to check back.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget about Pay It Forward in the previous post (below)!!!!!


mgm said...

Oh I love these! and I love your danny boy on the side:) just popping in to wave holla;)

Sweet Remembrance said...

Your tags are delightful...
I too am a bit delayed in the Halloween department!
Oh well...there is next year!