Thursday, October 4, 2007

Got Any Ideas??

Recently, ReHouse, one of my favorite salvage stores started a new tradition. They call it 'Free Friday'. They are going to give things away once a month on a specified Friday to make room for new stock. I LOVE IT!!!! My favorite price = FREE! Or, as Nicky would say, $free.99!!

At the last Free Friday I got these super cool door/shutter things. They've never been touched, opened, used, etc. There are 16 of them, each with hinges. I want to do something super fun with them. I have a few things in mind; but just average, everyday ideas. I am hoping you can all help me come up with some exciting ideas for how to give these little guys some life. Now don't you all go jump at once the way you did with the letter press set! But, really, what might I do to make these freebies fun yet useful for myself or someone else? Even suggestions on what color to paint them would be helpful!
While I was there I also got this cute canister full of wallpaper - also free. The wallpaper I could have done without, but if I liked something I just tossed it in my car before someone else did. The canister is actually really big, probably close to three feet tall. What do you think it is for? My guess is that it was meant to be an umbrella corral. Whaddaya think?


Robolady said...

How about a phone booth, like this one . have you looked at my doors or windows page, something there might spark an idea. www.robomargo/windows.html or www.robomargo/doors.html
Love the container too, Wow 3 feet, that is tall. Great Free Finds

emily said...

How about making a room divider? You could paint each one a different color or all the same. Although it has glass I think it would still make a neat divider or if not cover the glass with fabric or pretty paper some how! Let us know what you come up with!!!

Sondra said...

Actually, Em, there is no glass currently in they're up for creativity!

Thanks for all of your ideas, as well as your ideas, Margo. I'm going to check them out right now!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the canister with the wallpaper in it...I do think it is for umbrellas. My grandmother has one just like it except it is copper and of course doesnt have a cirucs on the side! Hope to see you tomorrow!


royaloaker said...

Um, I am coveting the umbrella holder! I was looking for that when decorating my craft room. I ended up buying a galvanized trash can instead and it holds all my wrapping paper rolls. Great find!

Sarah and Jack said...

I want to see the wallpaper inside, the plaid looks interesting!

My only idea for the door things is a room divider, not too original I am afraid.

ruru said...