Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Handy Dandy New Card Table

I don't play cards - not often anyway. But I might have to start after scoring this super cool new card table at an estate sale last week. It cost me $10, which is more than I'd like to have paid. But I just couldn't see myself leaving there without it! The story is sad, though. Let me tell you about it.

Some people think I'm cheap (Josh). I'd feel better if we'd just say frugal! It has a much smoother ring to it don't you think?! Anway, here's the story - The estate sale was better described as a barn sale in the middle of nowhere. Unlike most one day sales it was deader than dead (maybe that isn't the most respectful term to use when we're discussing my acquisition of the late Mr. So and So's belongings), but you know what I mean. It was about 12:45 when I got there. I had no idea that at 1 o'clock they were going to go to 50% off everything. It's not like they were eager to advertise it or anything. So I went right in and straight to the table. I pretended to ponder it although I knew damn well that I wasn't leaving without it and was willing to take the first person out who laid a hand on it. I set it up to make sure that it was "gambling worthy" and spotted the Daisy Lady staring me down. It was marked $15 and I figured it was my opportunity to haggle, so I asked her to take $10. Such a haggler, eh?! She also pretended to ponder... knowing damn well she wasn't going to say no. Then she said, "YES"! Now I know why...because in three minutes that @$%&*^! table was only going to be worth $7.50. Now all you non-frugalers are thinking, "So what Sondra - it's only $2.50". But I was pissed off for the rest of the day. I could have bought something else for that $2.50 - like five more children's books for the children I don't have! I was too angry (with myself) to even discuss it with the lady, and "the policy is if it is removed from the sales floor before 1:00 it is exempt from the discount." Why didn't I ponder it just three minutes more? I mean if I can still ponder my table today, I could have held out in that spooky old barn for three more minutes! So I'm thinking I may have to set up my handy dandy table this weekend, play a few cards and have a few drinks to make it worth that extra $2.50. many beers will it take to convince me of that?


emily said...

CUTE tsble!! I would have been mad too!! That $2.50 can buy a lot of other things!! I'm sure that lady was pretty proud of herself too! But anywho, good find!

I had fun being your personal shopper for the day! You guys should stop in again. Next week they have a 50% coupon for sun and monday. :)

nickycunha said...

sondra - For one, you're not cheap - i like frugal's ring but have always preferred the term 'economical'. us junk hounds are not wasteful and preserving treasured resources, aren't we!?

Two - it'll take a few beers to get over the 2.50 for an evening (i'm free fri nite btw)... but the next card game thereafter may stir up old emotions.

for that reason, i propose you:
a) give it to a kind, card-loving, junk friend. ;-)


b) pray like mad you quickly score a fun FREE junk pile to take away the pain.

i wish you both options dear ;-)