Saturday, October 6, 2007

Autumn Vignettes...Or Are They Centerpieces?

Last Christmas I got a gift card from the Hobby Lobby from Josh's Dad and Step Mother. We don't have Hobby Lobby in our parts, so I had to shop before I left WI - so upsetting (yeah right!). Before this, I didn't even know that place existed, but now... I LOVE IT! I got the round tray there with my GC and Josh's Dad brought it to Michigan for me this summer when we met there for their family reunion. It is the perfect fall tray. The rectangular tray is a $2 mirrored tray from an estate sale I went to a few weeks ago. The 3 pumpkin shaped plates (I have 4, but one is in the DW because we've been using them to eat our freshly baked pumpkin bread on) are from one of my favoritist stores of all - XTS - better known as the Christmas Tree Shoppes. Love that place, too! I had to add candy - especially peanut M&M's. I mean what fall decor is complete without orange and brown peanut M&M's. But my favorite thing is the lamp base I got at a recent estae sale that I set one of my XTS bowls on top of. I didn't secure it, as I'd like to change out bowls for the seasons/holidays/my moods/etc., but it just adds that "pedestal" look to it. Don't you love it?!

Note that I decided to use some of those apothecary jars that I have been buying for the guest room, at estate sales, and put them to good use in these displays!

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emily said...

Very cute! I love the glass jars! I have been collecting them for awhile now, picking them up where ever I see them. They are great for displaying things and to change them with each season!

btw- I LOVE the XTS! My Mom and I go like every other week! There is something new and cute each time we go.