Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Free Letter Press Set

Four huge drawers full of the teeniest-tiniest type ever!
Many green drawers full of a small type.
And some more things I'm not sure of yet!

I scored a free letter press set from Craigslist. I was hoping for much larger font sizes, but when it is free you don't ask questions or you're likely to lose the goods to the silent type! So I just happily accepted and thanks to my dear brother, my favorite brother, (my only brother); it is now safely at home with me. It is some seriously heavy @$%$!!!! Thank goodness for him. And there is a ton of it. I desperately need ideas for what to do with it. I need lots and lots of ideas (I only have a few in mind) and I need 'em quick. Winter is coming and I have too much "junque" to store. I must make projects and sell, sell, sell! Help people!!


Anonymous said...

I would like to place an order for the letters "W-e-a-v-e-r." I am sure you can come up with something creative that would go with my house (inside or out). Also, maybe something for the boys rooms with their names! Maybe even something that says "11 Pike Street." Just a couple of ideas! I lover personalized items!!! Then, just name your price!


the feathered nest said...

That's some score! Lucky you!


Bren said...

I have seen where they take the letters and glue them together to spell out words. I would think these would be pretty cool.
:) Bren

Robolady said...

Sondra, I got the type today. You are right, they are too heavy for earrings, as they are now. But I took my dremmel tool and shaved off the top mm, all of the letter and just a smidgeon of the base, and I think they are something I can work with now. I'll play some more and let you know, and see the results.

Robolady said...

Here is what I did with the letters you sent me. I played with a few ideas and this is what I came up with.
they would be nicer if I had a square something to set them inside, but I didn't. I had to saw off most of the metal, it wasn't hard, just messy. Sorry I didn't come up with anything better. I've lost your email, so this is the only way I have to communicate with you. Please reply and then we can talk.

Robolady said...

Here's something else I was able to do.