Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drawer Turned Foot Stool

Here it is...finally! Not toooo bad for my first desk drawer foot stool. I am willing to gladly take any and all constructive criticism on my upholstery. Keep in mind, though, that it is the first time that I have EVER done it. Aren't you glad I kept it simple? Can you imagine the disaster if it was a difficult project!

Here's what I learned: staple guns suck!, foam is atrociously expensive, and I should have painted the lid beforeupholstering it and having Josh hinge it on. live and you learn right! For approximately five dollars I'd say it gets the job done. Now who out there is in the market for a light blue and tan/brown foot stool that includes storage???

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niccunha said...

very CUTE.

Foam spray adhesive works wonders. helps secure the fabric 2 the foam which isn't too necessary in the beginning but can prevent future fabric 'wrinkles'.

Corners are tricky! the best technique I found is to start stapling with the center of one side and work ur way towards the corners; always doing the opposite sides @ the same time to keep the fabric pulled taut. (versus going around the square) then you have it all stapled up & the 4 corners hanging - you can gather them nicely, folded whatever which way looks best and pull to the other side. you'll always have some fold showing, but it's less noticeable that way.

lastly, just a thought, but you could do less foam and add a top layer of batting which would be cheaper and also make ur corners easier to upholster! those hard 90 angles are tough buggers to cover up. and stripes!? u must love a fabric challenge!