Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pray for Paula

I am dedicating this post to one of my bestest friends, Paula, pictured above with me. Her brother and his wife were in a terrible motorcycle accident over the weekend. Both are in guarded condition and they can use our thoughts and prayers. We LOVE YOU PAULA and we're thinking of you and your family.

On a brighter note...
Colleen at one of my favorite blogs freshvintage is having a very fun giveaway. Go check it out - fun stuff!! Take some time to read through her previous posts, too. I promise if you don't laugh (impossible) you'll at least smile!

What is going on with you readers = nobody wants to play my game? I know, I know, I need to recruit new/more readers. And I'm working on that - so pass the word. Only 1 person has taken a guess at what my half covered pan is and how I will use it. Another person wanted to take a guess, but admitted that she had no idea. And that was IT? Come on guys...play along. Tomorrow is your last chance!!!!!!

Dress pics. are still giving me a problem, so hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest up and running. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...


We will pray for you and your family! We're so sorry to hear about this. Stay strong and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

pam and john delany