Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Estate Sale Goodies

Here are some of my recent finds. I have had a lot of time on my hands, so I've been to quite a few sales recently.
$1.00 each and I got another one today for .75 (not pictured). I'm really into these for my guest room lately. I am filling them with soaps, cotton balls, q-tips, etc. Any other suggestions for what I might put in them for guests?
A 2.00 serving cart with an electric hook-up bolted onto one of the legs.
What are these chairs called? I'm sure they have a very important "chair name". I know they're popular... These were two for $15. I was at a sale today where they were two for $40!!! Do people really pay that?

Red stuff! Two scoopers for $1.00 - FUN! Two packs of ribbon and a 1960's book about happiness. Boy how the 'things that make us happy' have changed! The only one I really agree with is "Happiness is when your car breaks front of a bar!"
Free wire crate from the "Mail Order Bride" Lady - I won't elaborate! But I will apologize in advance to any mail order brides reading my blog.
A $3.00 stand. I guess it was once home to a record player (on top) and a record collection (on bottom). But I figure I could paint it a prettier color, and get all you scrapbookers interested by displaying it as a scrapbook paper organizer. I hear you "oohing" and "aahing" as you read!@!

Four vintage trays for $2.00 dollars. Ok - maybe I overpaid, but how darn cute are they?!


Colleen said...

Hi Sondra- I just call those chairs "metal lawn chairs". I don't think they have a fancy name. But that is a great price for that pair, especially since they look like they are in great shape. And I definitely would have bought those trays for two bucks!

Jerusalem said...

Oh what great finds!! And I think those trays were absolutely worth it! Thanks for stopping by my blog : )