Monday, September 10, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Good news first:

I am the winner of Nicky's guess the cost of the sink contest and today I came home to the sweetest goodies. Thank you Nicky!

First there was this bottle of YUMMMMMY Toasted Head wine.

Then there was this DE-lish basket of fresh veggies from Nic's bountiful veggie garden (that I'm guessing I should be giving the credit to Chef Mc for!). Hooray! Now I can use these to make some of Penny's yummy tomatoe concoctions I've been craving.

And then....saving the best for last....there was my new homemade vintage apron. (Handmade by the other dirty birdie out of an old pillowcase from the VOA.) How'd she do that? I can barely sew a button, let alone an apron. I'm so proud of her!

Sew (had to do it - sorry)...I was home alone and needed a model for the apron because I am too challenged to figure out how to set the self timer on my camera. I decided that the bar stool and I had nearly the same physiche, so here it is:

But then I asked Danny Boy if he would mind modeling and he really wasn't into it (can't you tell by the look on his face?!), but he agreed because he owes me BIG. I mean HUGE. Stay tuned below and find out why.

Just as Danny Boy was about to walk off the set, Josh came home from golf and took a picture of me in the apron. Why is it that a chair and a dog can do that beautiful apron more justice than I can? How depressing! Oh well, hopefully it will inspire me to cook now!

Now for the bad news:
Danny Boy HATES the neighbor dog Gracie. He growls and snarles at her and has even pushed the door open twice and gone after her. Well tonight he took it just a little too far! Welcome to the next level folks!

Just a normal everyday bedroom window:

Just an normal everyday bedroom window smashed to bits by the abnormal beast in my home that lurched through it in an attempt to eat Gracie:

That's right friends- my dog tried to jump through a window and go after another dog! What more can I say? I think he could benefit from a Doggie Whisperer or something - he has such mental instabilities. Can you say bi-polar?

**Upcoming Posts: "New Driveway", "Berry Cobbler", "Dog for Sale!"

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niccunha said...

I had a landlord once who's crazy dog Cooper jumped out their 2nd story window. He wasn't physically hurt but I never thought he quite the same after that.

Glad the apron fit you, danny boy and the bar stool!