Thursday, September 6, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Nicole Cunha

One of my bestest buds, Nicky, (and the only person exciting enough to take a guess apparently) is the winner of the "guess the pan" contest. Remember that crazy looking rectangular pan from the Crossroads Country Mall - well it's a bedpan and Nicky guessed it!! She also knew exactly what I plan to do with it, which is organize bills and mail. It's perfect for that and when I bought it they assured me it had never been used, soo... I'm still a bit confused about how it was intended to be used, not that I want to, but I am certainly curious about it. I sat on it today trying to figure it out, but I'm still not sure (yes, I know, I have no job remember!)?? Any volunteers for a demonstration are welcome. Yes, a pretend demonstration, of course!
So here is what the big winner received:
A gorgeous bundle of hydrangeas wrapped in burlap with a satiny ribbon, a "K" that I decorated with scrapbook paper (for KING - her soon to be last name) or maybe for Kitchen if she chooses to put it there, and a delicious (and still warm - might I add) loaf of lemon poppyseed bread wrapped in cream fabric with a pretty brown ribbon. And, 0h yeah, a note letting her know that she is the winner! Hopefully she likes hydrangeas, lemon poppyseed bread and her soon to be last name!
Fun stuff, huh? Now I bet you're all kicking yourselves for not leaving me a comment and taking a guess. Do you all know how to leave a comment? Just below each post is small print that tells how many comments have been made regarding that particular post. Just click on it and write me a little note. I love comments!!


Anonymous said...

I was just going to guess a bed pan, but not until I discussed it with the "queen of all antiques"...Grandma Taber!:) She wasnt sure if it was a bed pan or or a cake pan since part of it was covered by one of the pans. Yes, I cheated! Too late anyway...better luck next time! I have a question for you...Do you know what A "three holer" is? There used to be one in our family room to the right of the fireplace before my grandparents added the family room onto the house!


niccunha said...

YIPPEEE - i am the WINNER! my prizes were super-duper CUTE and brought the biggest SMILE to my face when I got home from work.

the bedpan really was a shot in the dark too. it was the first thing that came to mind but i've never seen that 'shape' before!

the more I thought about it - the more I doubted it. I thought to myself... 'Think again Nicky. Sondra clearly would not have enough PURELL sanitizer in her purse to be persuaded to check out a bedpan!' (and I do mean that in the kindest of ways ;-)

oh the things we'll do for JUNK! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for my prizes Sondra!

sondra said...

Linds- I have no idea what a three holer is by name. Maybe if I saw a pic. What is it?

Nic- You're right! I sanitized for hours after that junk outing. But...for $1.60 I just had to do it! Glad you like your fun stuff. Can't wait to start selling those fun letters!

mgm said...

Hi Sondra! I need a slice of that bread RIGHT NOW with my coffee! It looks delicious! Wanting to try to stop in and wave hello to all who have signed up for my ring giveaway (I am not sure how far I will get with the hello's)but I want to at least try and see each blog* Your's I will be back to for sure! Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I knew it was a bedpan!!!! I should have left a guess, but I'm new to this blog thingy, so I didn't quite know what to do. I'll be braver next time. Just haven't heard the last of me!

(Josh's) mom and (Dan, the man's) grandma!

Anonymous said...

That's what everyone keeps saying. It's ok - there will definitely be more contests. So keep checking in on what is going on. The more you visit the better you get. Look at me. Maybe someday you'll be able to call yourself Grandma to more than just our dog!!! Happy Birthday to you, btw! If you like the "K" that I made let me know. The DB's are going to start selling them. And since we haven't come up with anything clever for your bday (Pier 1 is getting old don't ya think (and far to mod for me)!), I am hoping for a more personal idea. Help!