Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This BLOWS!!!!

Sorry I couldn't resist that title. I am soo excited about my new "old" blow dryer I can't stand it. I got it at an estate sale yesterday for $2.00. I brought it in from the car last night and plugged it in and turned it on to see if it works and guess does! I was so pumped, I stood there telling Josh to "check out my cool find" and he says, "Share it with Nicky. That stuff doesn't excite me like it does the two of you!" Ugghhh - humor me for once, please?

So then I asked him tonight what the title for the this post should be and first he thought I should use "blow me", which I wasn't sure was appropriate. He knew by the look on my face and provided me with title #2 - This Blows. It's Perfect!! I wouldn't actually suggest using this blow dryer unless you've got a lot of time on your hands. It's not much for drying, but it is realllly cute - don't you think?!!! I wonder why they don't make CUTE blow dryers anymore. Hmmm???

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