Saturday, September 8, 2007

Move over freshvintage!

After about a bottle and a half of wine for me and several beers for the other three last night(Josh, Nic and Mc), Nicky and I woke up slightly less than bright eyed and bushy tailed, might we say, this a.m. for saling. But like the troopers we are, we got out there and braved the crowds for the goods! It didn't take us long to spring into action either. Check out the finds and be sure to click and enlarge the pics. I promise they are way more fun that way!

Blue table for 1.00, several cookbooks (many vintage) for FREE, Pyrex dish for .25, a vintage decorating guide for Free. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

A 3.00 vintage bar stool, and some never worn children's rubber boots for .25. Ok, ok, I know I don't have a child, but those darn boots were irrestible. So CUTE!

A burlap sack bag w/ zipper for .25, 2 white shabby chic pots for 1.00 total, and holy-cow 5 brass horns for .50!!!! I don't mean to toot my own horn, but golllly~

All hardware, strips of lace fabric, and bookends = free!

Teapot for 1.00, teacup-four saucers-picture frame-All About Sandwiches vintage booklet all for 1.00, 2 guest hand towels for 1.00, a huge green tray with a lace texture on the bottom for 1.00, and a basket for .50. Do I smell a tea party with finger sandwiches in our future ladies?!

My super duper wooden rocking horse for 2.00 and the difficult to see white watering can for .25.

My 3.50 shabby chic chair. Can't wait to cover it with the 1.00 roll of pink velvet fabric we scored. The fabric, however, went home with Nicky as she tries her hand at becoming the official seamstress of the Dirty Birdie Team.

Old knitting books (sweet bowl cut on the lady in the poncho, huh?!) and a vintage hard-cover Mother Goose (btw-I was Mother Goose in the Kindergarten graduation play 24 years ago, little did they know how much that title doesn't suit me!)

Five more books that were a package deal with the ones above for a total of 1.00. How fun is the Round About: The Alice and Jerry Books book? And How about that tan one in the middle of the stack. It's called Games People Play! That oughta solve all my problems!!! Now don't try to play games with me People!

Here we are unloading the Jeep from the morning shift. Nicky is clearly delirious from her latest bout with hunger, as it is almost 2:00 and we have not had anything to eat since 8' something. She wants my fashion advice on her new .50 lamp shade as an accessory to her new hair cut. Whaddaya think people?

Here is our super short afternoon shift findings. It was short for several reasons a couple of which are: (1) We didn't finish eating and get back out until about 2:30. (2) We only had time enough for one stop after lunch because we had a meeting. "With who?", you ask. We're saving it for another post. Stay tuned!
Everything you see here (in the next 3 pics.) came to 5.00. That's right folks, five dollars. Check out the vintage Jack-In-The-Box in a metal box. Wowwee! I will list the other things because the afternoon pics. didn't turn out too well. Two wine tins, Brer Rabbits vintage cookbook, three vintage children's books, a set of bells on a rope, 2 rolls of ribbon, 2 spindles, a very old yard stick, an ornamental scrolly thingy (couldn't think of the name of it), and best.of.all. = an ugly peppermint tin full of teeny tiiny, itty bitty cookie cutter letters and shapes. I will try to get a better pic of them so I can share them with you tomorrow. The light from the flash kept reflecting a glare.
Colleen from freshvintage would be proud...but I have to imagine jealous as well!


Penny Carlson said...

Wow! You really know how to find the goodies! I want to shop where you shop!! Great haul!

daisy cottage said...

Awesome finds! I'm so happy for you and those little black boots are adorable! You had to have them!


Penny Carlson said...

Hi again!
I think we must be online at the same time! I found you through your post at Daisy Cottage.....

I know you will really enjoy the tomato recipes! Thanks for saying such nice things about the mosaic teapot lamp I have for sale on my website!