Saturday, September 29, 2007

50% Off Day At VVA

Yesterday was 50% off day at the local VVA. Now I really love this thrift store, but they tend to be overpriced in my opinion. And I know it is all for a good cause...but I have to keep a roof over my head, too.
I went into the store on Thursday afternoon, as I try to stop by about once a week and make my rounds. I always keep on eye out for Wilton cake pans for my mother and look around for my favorite wares, as well. I found one pan and went up to check out. The little lady who works the counter told me that Friday was going to be 50% off EVERYTHING day to make room for new inventory (this place is packed to the gills). I had to be at school by 9:00 on Friday to substitute and she told me they didn't open until 8:30, so I decided to pull myself in at 8:15 and wait by the door. You see, the minute she told me about the 50% sale, I went back through the store and made a list of all the things I wanted that I was passing up based on price. And I certainly wasn't going to wait until 3:30 when school was over to go there and find out they were gone because someone else had them on their list.
I was the 2nd person in the door - obviously not the only one with this plan, and I instantly turned into Robo-Thrifter. I took a cart and ran around the store throwing each of my wishlist items in as quickly as I could. And, yes, I got everything I wanted and made it to school on time.
I have had my eye on this Cobbler's Bench since the VVA got it in. I just didn't want to spend $40 on it. I've been spoiled with free things lately! But for $20 it is a must have.
This picnic basket was only $3 and it is from Peru. I know, I know, buy American! But...technically I did!? The afgan was $1.50 - nope not a typing error - it's true! And oh how sweet it is!
These are old vintage ornaments that I got for about $1 per box. They had more, but I didn't have time to go through all of them, so I just took the "must-haves" for now.
What do you think? I got a couple of other things that I will share later.


RobinBirdsNest said...

Wow! The letter press set is so cool!! No ideas though! Those vintage ornaments are very pretty too! Congrats on the great finds!

emily said...

LOVE the vintage ornaments! I try to pick those up when ever I see them!