Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Contest: This Time at Sweet Jessie!!

Heads up to all you sewin mamas! Sweet Jessie is having a contest that you must check out. Even if you don't sew - her fabric giveaway would be a wonderful gift to a friend (like me!).

BE SURE to leave her a comment when you visit her blog letting her know that I sent you. This is how I increase my chances of winning. So HELP ME OUT guys! Tell her aged essence sent you or just Sondra is fine!


Sarah M. said...

Help! Sondra, I am trying to email you. Check your email, and I hope you got my message because I sent one when you wrote me last time, and I don't think you got it! :) xoxo

Sondra said...

Hi Sarah! Yeahhh - I'm so glad to hear that you weren't avoiding me. I am not getting your messages for some reason. Not sure why? Are you pushing reply? Be sure to put 3 l's in chilllyt@yahoo.com. I hope you're not be sent to my SPAM
:( I'll keep my eye out and if I don't see you by tomorrow I'll post a comment on your blog with my work email.
Thanks for getting in touch!

royaloaker said...

Hi Sondra!
I tried again to send it from another email (girlland@wowway.com). Let's see if that works. Also, I forwarded you the ebay listing...and here it is too!!!! I was just hitting reply on all 3 attempts, I swear!

Here's the ebay listing where I bought my vintage decals! You can find tons of cute ones on ebay. Just search for vintage decals.