Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Mystery of the Lost Balls

No, no, the other balls. One morning before Josh headed off to work, Danny Boy convinced him that his balls were under the bed in the guest room. So off they went to search for the balls. Danny is quite obsessed with his balls (Men!); he likes to know where each of them are at all times (Not a bad trait - really!) and the more he has the happier he is (Naturally!). I couldn't resist snapping a picture of their heads together under the bed and their butts in the air. It's difficult to see Danny in this little picture, but its well worth the five seconds it takes to click and enlarge. And by the way, I'm fairly certain Josh hasn't wet himself and that is just the way his pants are worn. But...who knows?!


Anonymous said...

LOL just like a man...

That is a funny picture and it does look like he wet himself.

Poor guy.

Has he seen this picture?

Love it, it's so funny.

:) Bren

Robolady said...

LOL, I think they are both showing a little more of their rear ends than they would have wanted.